‘Building on a vision is a truly exciting journey. The true magic lies in the people who execute methodically in what they do.’

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‘I am still trying and will never stop trying. I don’t know whether I will succeed, but I will keep trying.’

— Leon Foo, Papa Palheta

‘A place where people could not only advance themselves from a business standpoint, but also make valuable connections.’

— Ben Gattie, The Working Capitol

‘That’s really what I like about old buildings, the character you can find in older buildings, the sense of history.’

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‘It’s not enough just to have an idea. Everyone has ideas but it’s about translating them into something that is sellable and sustainable.’

— Priscilla Shunmugam, Ong Shunmugam

‘We want to emphasise the spirit of gifting...Our objects connect two people together. ’

— Edwin Low, Supermama